CONCEPT: Council Member Larry Green is partnering with Parks Board, Harris County, and project manager UP Art Studio, to create a new mural on the façade of three retaining walls along Sims Bayou in the Five Corners neighborhood of southwest Houston. This mural is the first in a series of public art murals along Sims Bayou.

The purpose of the project is to provide beautification and enhancement to the concrete retaining walls along Sims Bayou.

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1.     Submit the following application. This application includes a request for personal information.

Legal Name *
Legal Name
Address *
Preferred Phone Number *
Preferred Phone Number
Which medium do you typically use to paint murals? (aerosol, latex, etc.)
Let us know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you!

2.     For this RFQ Stage, artists are invited to submit a single document in PDF format to This document must be labeled with the name of the artist or artist team and must include:

a.     Cover Letter. A letter of interest (optional)

b.     Experience. A current CV / Resume, or a list of professional and/or public art experience. This should include previous similar experiences – large-scale murals or large public art projects – with information regarding the project including a brief description, client, location, budget, and timeline.

c.      Work Samples. Images* of five (5) to ten (10) recent projects (up to a maximum of 3 images per project); these should be examples of your work that give a sense of your skill and approach to this project. These should be examples of murals or public art, and should not be images of small/canvas works.

d.     Image List. List of Submitted Images, including a written description of the project, title, materials, year produced, size, location, commissioning body/client and project cost/budget.

e.     References. Names and contact information for three references (preferably for projects completed within the past five years);


*Media files (audio/video) may be provided via URL with at least one (1) still image included in the package.

Packages too large for email may be submitted via Dropbox or another file-sharing link.

Submission or questions should be addressed to: