UP Art Studio is a Houston, Texas-based organization that facilitates art and design projects for urban and contemporary artists, communities and corporations, locally and globally.

Our Mission is Civic Pride through Civic Art, and we work on projects that educate, move and engage communities. We are a for-profit organization with a huge focus on non-profit projects (donations to many of our projects are tax-deductible).

UP Art Studio specializes in public art projects, mural and art commissions, design services, project management, gallery art shows, event planning, screen printing, photography, and artist collaborations.

Our team consists of artists, designers, screen printers, landscape architects, master planners, photographers and other creatives.

UP Art Studio was founded by Noah and Elia Quiles, a husband and wife team passionate about public art.

www.minimurals.org | www.bigwallsbigdreams.com