UP Art Studio provides professional services and partnerships to the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, locally and nationally.

Civic art installations require a thoughtful and thorough process to ensure success.  Our firm’s comprehensive project services include:

Visioning + Project Curation


Artist + Artwork Selection Process

Creative Services

Fundraising + Sponsorships


Project Planning + Project Management

budget, schedule, quality assurance

Project Delivery + Installation

with artist management

PR, Media + Marketing

Community Engagement + Relations

virtual or in-person

Event Planning + Production

virtual or in-person

Professional Services

Our services progress through the standard architecture/engineering phases, for both public works and private sector projects. Each phase may be quick and simple, or require weeks or months, depending on project scope.

Our Services A/E Project Phase
1. Feasibility analysis Planning / pre-design
2. Planning Planning & programming
3. Schematic design Schematic design
4. Design & project development Design development
5. Project delivery Construction
6. PR & documentation Close-out

Community Engagement + Marketing + PR Services

Our comprehensive capabilities include

  • Communications and placemaking strategies
  • Create and implement community engagement plans
  • Plan and implement PR, communications, collateral, digital/print storytelling
  • Develop relationships with key project stakeholders, partners, and champions
  • Writing, editing, and distribution of project information and news releases
  • Social media presence and campaigns
  • Celebration events, media outreach/events, news releases, on-air interviews
  • Project photography, videography, documentation, reports

Representative Clients, Sponsors, and Partners

UP Art Studio has successfully cultivated many fruitful partnerships. We have obtained direct funding, and/or major in-kind donations and support, from:

Public Agencies

Private Sector

Real Estate & Developers

Mini Murals

UP Art Studio created, curates, and manages the award-winning Mini Murals project, which transforms utility cabinets along streets into works of art to brighten diverse communities. More than 270 Mini Murals have been installed in Houston, and the project is now growing in Austin.