To improve daily life for the people of the 5 Corners/Hiram Clarke area, the South Post Oak Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ 9) in Houston has contracted with us for an exciting new placemaking program. South Post Oak is an area that needs investment, affordable housing, and quality-of-life amenities. We’re so happy that civic art installations are high on the TIRZ 9 Board’s list of valued re-investments, alongside amenities like parks, trails, landscaping, and streetscapes.

For this project, we’re providing comprehensive professional services. In Phase I, we completed research into national best practices, engaged with the community members, and provided specific project recommendations to the Board in a report. We’re psyched to now be starting Phase II — delivery of our first set of projects on the ground. In addition to Murals and Mini Murals, we’ll be doing some new types of placemaking projects and installations. We’ll have ongoing opportunities for local artists. Special request: If you know of qualified artists with lived experience of 5 Corners/Hiram Clarke, please send them our way.

Community meeting of the Tri-Party (TIRZ 9, TIRZ 25, 5 Corners Management District)