We were thrilled that Laredo City Council selected us on Dec. 7 to create a Public Art Master Plan for the city. Laredo public art is about to make a huge leap forward, as the city has just enacted a new percent for art funding program and public art policy. Associates Piper Faust (from Houston), and Katherine Gregor and Sara Bell (Austin), bring their talents and capacity to our planning team for this engaging border town – where Noah Quiles attended middle school and has deep family roots. The team is rounded out with designers Marco Guerra and Kristin Kearns.

With Laredo, we’ll be kicking off 2021 working on five different citywide or district-wide public art and placemaking plans, for clients that include TIRZs, Districts, and municipalities. We love thinking big!

The City of Laredo in September dedicated this mural, “El Abrazo” by artist Sandra Gonzalez, at the El Rialto Hotel, as part of its new public art initiative.
Photo Credit: Laredo Morning Times.