Houston, TX, 2020

Project Summary

UP Art Studio was commissioned to identify strategic locations, secure artists and incorporate community engagement to inform five works of art in undercounted communities for the Census 2020 campaign. The YES! to the Census mural campaign launched the day before the City of Houston / Harris County shut down due to the spread of COVID 19. 

Due to the pandemic, rather than in-person community discussions, we pivoted and published online surveys for stakeholders to describe the characteristics of their community, which the artists used as inspiration in their mural designs, within the overarching theme of a “snapshot” of the community.

The Yes! to Census 2020 campaign aims to educate Houston and Harris County residents that the census is important, urgent, safe and easy to complete. Local trusted voices and hyperlocal influencers have amplified the messaging and are encouraging participation among multicultural and potentially undercounted populations.

Due to the popularity of the project, a sixth mural was added to the campaign.