One of the community engagement events for the Greener Gulfton plan was held in May at Burnett Bayland Park, where the team gathered input from the community for an upcoming public art pilot project. We are proud to be working on this alongside Asakura Robinson and Tecolotl Collective for The Nature Conservancy!

UP Art has also begun the initial stages of a crosswalk project funded by Bloomberg’s Asphalt Art Grant. We’re excited to partner with Connect Community and Houston Public Works to engage residents and design and implement a project aimed at increasing driver awareness of pedestrians in response to Bloomberg’s Asphalt Art Study. The study examined the historical crash rates and real-time behavior of motorists and pedestrians at 22 asphalt art sites before and after the projects were installed. We’re proud to help make Gulfton streets more beautiful, and safer, too! 

Major findings of the study:

·     50% drop in traffic crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists

·     37% drop in crashes leading to injuries

·     27% increase in drivers yielding to pedestrians with the right-of-way

·     25% drop in potentially dangerous conflicts between drivers and pedestrians

Local residents discuss upcoming projects at the Greener Gulfton event (top) and a design mockup for the Gulfton crosswalk project by Asakura Robinson (bottom)